Stretching can almost double muscle growth! A lot of you will shake your head at this and decide to skip this essential step on your way to good health. Stretching: it does you a lot more good than you believe. I would even recommend that you take it a step further, and add yoga to your daily routine. For now though, we’ll just cover what stretching does for your health.

Prevents injury

Now you’re thinking, “Wow, I never knew that. What an interesting tip.” Yes, I know that this one is painfully obvious, but it had to be said for the sakes of those of you out there that don’t know anything at all about stretching. Yes, it prevents injury. Stretching limbers up those cold muscles, and loosens up your joints and tight tendons. Not stretching is a ticking time bomb. You will get injured eventually if you continue exercising without stretching. Especially the older you get. It’s a sad undeniable fact I’m afraid.

Increases size

This is the fun one. I read about a study once that focused on the effects of stretching. A man stretched one calf every day for a few months. The changes were fairly surprising. The calf that was stretched grew by 45%, and the other had not grown at all. Wow, was all I could say. That study made me start stretching religiously. If that’s all it took to gain just a little size then I was all over it. For those of you aspiring bodybuilders out there: Did you know that Arnold Schwarzeneggar stretched before, between sets, and after lifting. This also goes for Frank Zane, one of the most proportional and artistic bodybuilders to ever to compete in the sport. Frank Zane was also one of the only people to ever beat Arnold Schwarzeneggar in competition. Just for the record. It’s important. Stretching. Do it. Muscle growth happens from stretching alone! Imagine if you did it in conjunction with exercise.

Increases strength

Of course if it increases size, it will also increase strength. This one I noticed the most in my own routine. I began stretching the muscles I worked out before I started my workout, and I found that I had to bump up the weight in most of my lifts. Not only that, recovery time is decreased significantly if you’re stretching on the daily and on workout days. There is a bit of debate as to whether or not you should use dynamic stretches as opposed to static stretches before a workout, but I’m of firm belief that any stretching will be a huge benefit in the end.

I hope this helps your workout! It helped mine.

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