The shoulders are one of the keys to attaining that coveted V shaped upper-body. The wider your shoulders the broader you look. Having focused a huge amount of my gym time towards hitting my shoulders I can tell you how to blow your shoulders up as quick as possible. Check out these exercises, and incorporate them into your own routine. Then watch them grow.

Military Press

Obvious? Yes. Are they also essential and worth mentioning? Yes. Bump up the weight every week and you’ll find that the military press will give you the rounded look to your shoulders with the added bonus of looking like a beast lifting a huge load of weight above your head in the gym.

Dumbbell Laterals

Grab those dumbbells and raise them from your sides up as high as you can outwards. Then raise them directly in front of you without your elbows bending, and your knuckles facing up. Create a burn out circuit of this exercise to really get those shoulders burning. I’m telling you it works. This shoulder exercise is the meat and potatoes of my shoulder routine.

Handstand Push-ups

This one is for the advanced lifter. I don’t want anyone falling and hurting their head or neck. Best to have a spotter hold your ankles to begin with. Then once you have gained enough strength you can try on your own. Place your hands on the ground about a foot from a wall. Then swing your legs up from behind you into a handstand position, and rest your feet against the wall behind you. Then start pumping them out. This is just another angle to hit your shoulders from, and it happens to be a really tough exercise so you will look tough in the gym.

Rear Deltoid Rows

This one is important. The back of the shoulder is the least often worked part of the shoulder. You can’t ignore it unless you want to have lopsided shoulders. Pick up some dumbbells, and lay stomach down on a bench. Then, with your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle, pull those elbows backward in an attempt to touch the tips of your elbows. This will fill out those rear delts and, has an added bonus of working your back as well.

These shoulder exercises are what I use to gain the most muscle possible. I hope this routine will get your shoulders where you want them to be. It worked wonders for me, and I hope to keep building them up like crazy. Happy lifting!

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