Ab exercises are some of the most important exercises to utilize, because without a strong core everything else will be weaker. It’s a lot like balance for Kung Fu. Without good balance your Kung Fu will be weak. Not only that, ab exercises will build your abs up giving you the chance to have a smoking hot six-pack, but also you need to know what exercises to do. I can help you there.

Leg Raises

Grab a bar and let your legs dangle, and if your feet touch the ground that’s okay. Now point your toes and lift your legs out in front of you. Do your best to keep your knees straight. As you improve with these you can straighten your knees more and more to intensify the workout. I find this is a great way to build those coveted lower abs that don’t show very well.

Broomstick Twists

Do you want ripped abs? Grab a broomstick. You can sit on a bench or you could sit on the floor with your feet tucked under the couch. Either way, try and find a place to secure your feet. This will allow you to lean back without falling backwards. Now once you’ve leaned back enough to feel your abs flex all you have to do is put that broomstick behind your head and twist back and forth. This targets your entire core. Sylvester Stallone used this method while training for the Rocky movie.

Hanging Sit-ups

This is an exercise for the advanced lifter, and I highly recommend a spotter. Find a bar that you can hang your legs over. This way you can hang upside down. Now if you can’t do a single sit-up in this position, which is difficult as it is, then you’ll need to strengthen your core more before you can do this one. All you have to do is a sit-up from this position. If you start to exceed with this exercise try grabbing a 25-pound plate and do sit-ups with that thing. You will feel the burn.


No one utilizes this one enough. On top of that, it’s often incorrectly performed. A crunch is like a sit-up, but the difference is when you come up, try and touch your nose to the ceiling as opposed to touching your knees. If you try to touch your nose to the ceiling when doing a crunch you will see how great an exercise crunches really are.

Hope this takes your workout to the next level!

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