It’s a patch. Slap it on, and go. It’s genius! This is the easiest vitamin I’ll ever recommend. Maybe you’ve heard of thrive. Maybe you haven’t. If you haven’t and you have an interest in supplementing, read on my friend. Everyone wants an easy supplement. This is especially great for kids that absolutely will not take a pill.

A friend introduced me to this supplement brand called Thrive. All I could think was, “Eh, just another pyramid scheme.” Which is true, but they have this one product in particular that I find to be incredibly interesting.

Thrive Vitamin Patch!

This vitamin patch introduces vitamins to your body by transdermal means. You absorb the vitamins through your skin. Again, I was skeptical. I just don’t know if that’s legit. A transdermal vitamin? There’s no way that works, but then I started to analyze it in my head for the rest of that day.

I remember watching a video of a guy swimming in a pool full of beer, and he ended getting absolutely hammered. Stupid? Yes, but it was all absorbed through the skin. I mean it does make sense in theory, but it was so easy. I snagged one from her, and slapped it on my wrist near all the available veins.

What I found surprised me. There is a small amount of caffeine in this patch, and I found that it definitely reduced my morning brain fog quite a bit. If I was getting the caffeine, you can bet I was getting the vitamins as well. I’ve been a convert ever since, but please don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself. I’m pretty sure you can get promo codes to try some free samples.

Want to try the product for yourself? Here’s a link!

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