Everyone would love to have a nice thick chest, some python size arms, and ripped six pack abs. What everyone really undervalues is a thick, wide, chiseled back. Lats that make you look like you have wings. If a guy has ripped abs and some decent muscle on his arms, sure, he looks good. Now, if a guy has a huge muscular back, he’s considered a beast. Let me tell you what exercises to do to achieve a muscular back.


Of all back exercises this is the number one back exercise there is. The beautiful thing about it is that it will always be a difficult workout. If need be, you can always add a little weight to your pull-ups, for example a weighted vest or a belt with a 25-pound plate. If you want to hit your back from every angle all you have to do is change your grip. Switch from a narrow grip to a wide grip, and then reverse the direction your hands are facing. As an added bonus you will be working out many other muscles besides your back.


Deadlift will help you attain the thickness that you want on your back. Pull-ups are the number one back exercise, because they hit the back from every angle, but of all the back exercises for mass, deadlift is your meat and potatoes. Your entire upper and lower back will be growing if you utilize this exercise. Again, this is a workout that will workout a number of muscle groups. In fact, many would call this exercise a full body workout. Your legs will get stronger, your core, even your grip will improve.

Barbell Row

This one will focus on your upper back giving you a nice wide V-shape. Depending on your grip whether it be wide or narrow, you will focus on the center of your back or more towards the lats.

Lastly, but not least, T-Bar Rows

This is an exercise Mr. Frank Zane highly recommends we use to force our lats to grow. This is where we gain enough size on our lats to make them look like wings. Giving us that nice cobra look. Use heavy weight and perfect form to achieve a great look, and I promise you won’t regret it.

What makes a man look like a beast is a huge back, and here are the exercises to help you get there. I hope you guys enjoyed, it will be worth it in the end.

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