Crossfit. The fitness craze that started across seas and is just now finding its way to the States. I’d like to talk to you a little about what crossfit is, what it does to the body positively and negatively, and what the lifestyle of a crossfitter looks like.

What is crossfit?

Crossfit- is a widely varied range of movements that span bodybuilding, Olympic lifts, and every other possible means of conditioning the body. Crossfit is the most apt means of conditioning the body for functional movement.

Basically, it’s an ass kicker or a shot to the nuts. Probably, the less preferred of the two.

What can crossfit do for the body?

This is the fun part. Crossfit has a huge range of benefits available to the fitness crazed party, however, it also has some downsides that you must take into consideration.

First of which, competitive crossfit can be dangerous. This sport wears on the body so heavily that it can cause serious damage to the muscles and even to the organs. Take this to heart! So long as one trains smart and eats right, this should not be a problem. Also keep in mind that many of the lifts performed are not to be done at home alone, but rather in the presence of learned crossfit coaches.

Now for the positive effects. I use a few crossfit routines myself in the Tarzanbuilt program for its fat burning capabilities. I dial down the high frequency most competitive crossfitters are inclined toward, but the short burst of intensity once or twice a week is plenty to boost my strength and fat burning capabilities. I find that one intense crossfit routine is perfect for me.

I also see huge strength increases using crossfit routines. If you find yourself at a standstill or plateau, throw a WOD into your workout here and there.

Benefits summed up:

  • High fat burning
  • Strength boosting
  • Increased lifting endurance
  • Improved functional muscle capabilities

For the aesthetic look:

If you are trying to build an aesthetic looking body, crossfit should be limited to once or twice a week. Any more than that, and you will only be training for endurance. My best buddy is an intense competitive crossfitter, and his physique hasn’t changed in the slightest over the past 5 years. Granted, he has gained a TON of strength and mobility. If that’s your goal, then by all means continue. FOR AESTHETIC PURPOSES, implement this as a strength and cardio routine once or twice a week max.


This is what separates Tarzan from bodybuilders. His entire body is comprised of strong, lean, functional muscle. If you want to be TarzanBuilt, crossfit is a must.

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