These are the most effective supplements that I myself incorporate into my daily schedule as I focus on my fat loss. Some are more effective than others, but they each have a unique purpose and work together in such a way to be more effective than the sum of their parts. Please feel free to do your own research on fat loss supplementing. DON’T think that if it doesn’t come in a pill, it’s not a supplement. Not all of these come in a pill, but IT IS STILL supplementation.

Green Tea

You could get this in a pill, but it won’t be near as effective. I do my best to get antioxidants from any supplements I take. This is because I believe detoxing the body is very effective at burning fat. Green tea is full of antioxidants, and the caffeine serves as an extra boost in fat burning and energy output.

Healthy Oils

Coconut oil is my chief healthy fat, but there are other oils that some prefer. I always see improvement in my lifting and aesthetics when I up my coconut oil. If you have a hard time simply scooping it out of the tub and eating it with a spoon I recommend frying your food with it. Only get UNREFINED. Refined coconut oil is next to useless in my opinion.

Vitamin D

Everyone is deficient in this category. Vitamin D has proved time and time again that it has fat burning and muscle preserving effects. The best way to get this is to get outside and catch some rays without your shirt on, but you can take this in pill form as well.

Aloe Vera

This one has a ton of seriously healthy benefits, but suffice to say that it has incredibly healing properties. I found that while taking this my digestive system is more regular (if you know what I mean). The healthier your gut, the better able to absorb crucial nutrients your body needs to release the toxins in your body. Toxins are stored in fat cells. Do the math.


To top it all off, I do my best to get probiotics from kefir. Kefir is so easy to mix with my protein shakes or yogurt that I’d be stupid not to use it. Probiotics are another digestive aid. In a world of antibiotics and pharmaceuticals we need probiotics more than ever to keep our guts healthy. A healthy digestive system is where the fat burning starts.


I once heard a transformation story about a skinny older gent that approached an obese gent. And he said something like, “I used to weigh about as much as you. Do you want to know how I lost all my weight? Garlic clove, after garlic clove, after garlic clove.” That has always stuck with me. It has tons of benefits. Garlic boosts metabolism, has antioxidant properties, diuretic effects, and I’d be willing to bet that as spicy as it is, you might just experience some thermal effects which are also fat burning.


Let me know what you think! Enjoy!

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