These 5 healthy habits are what I believe will extend my lifespan to well past 100, and yes, I do plan on making it past 100 years old. You watch. These are easy little daily rituals I love to implement simply because they are so easy. Life extending yes, but I mainly I do these to invigorate the body. It’s just nice to have that spring in my step at work, and I know all of you feel the same way.

  1. Lemon and green tea first thing in the morning.
  2. Drink a full gallon of ozonated water a day.
  3. Coffee enema. (Give me a chance to explain this one before you write it off instantly.)
  4. Epsom Salt bath.
  5. Barefoot grounding.

Lemon and Green Tea

Lemon I just love because it’s low on the glycemic index. In other words, it has little sugar. In addition, it aids in alkalizing the body which is disease prevention at its finest. As most of you already know green tea is tremendously helpful in boosting the metabolism. Really I just drink green tea because it’s so hard to give up my beloved coffee. But seriously the antioxidants abound in green tea.

Drink a Gallon of Ozonated Water a Day

This one can be a challenge for some, but it also has amazing health benefits. Just for fun try a 30-day challenge just to see what you think. I find that replacing this with coffee is also a huge energy booster, but only after my body has adapted to having no morning coffee (about a week). Yes, you will pee a lot. Sorry. NOW FOR THE OZONATED PART! I just discovered this actually, but it turns out ozone therapy is only prevalent outside of the United States. Could be that our government doesn’t want us to be healthy. Who knew right? 😉 SO! I recommend buying a quality ozone machine. Apparently, the benefits abound! It detoxes the blood, it slows aging, cleanses the liver, combats parasites and fungus, speeds up recovery and metabolism. I’ve even read that it improves brain function by 15%! I’ve actually only listed a tiny, and I do mean tiny, fraction of the benefits.

Coffee Enema

You’re thinking, ew. Look, all I know is, it’s a heck of a lot healthier going in rectally than orally. Seriously, look it up. I have grown to love it though. It cleans out your intestines and supposedly aids in gallbladder and liver health.

Epsom Salt Bath

This one is so easy that you need to keep copious amounts of Epsom salt around at all times. So here’s the deal. Everyone is magnesium deficient, and I mean everyone. Nutrient deficiencies in America are ridiculous these days, B12, magnesium, D. They all need to be upped. In my opinion, this is step one in disease prevention. As a bonus, they improved my sleep a ton, but you won’t see that particular effect until a week or so of consistent use.

Barefoot Grounding

My mom does this one more than I do, but it really does have a lot more benefits than I give it credit for. The idea is that if you walk outside on the dirt with bare feet you will allow the transfer of electrons from the earth to the body. This reduces inflammation on a noticeably large scale. This is also an aid in sleep.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment.

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