I pride myself on being able to do 112 perfect push-ups in no less than 60 seconds. Don’t believe me? That’s fine. I don’t care, but at the very least I can tell you how I managed this feat, and you can decide for yourself whether you want to try it out. I’ll post a video and link of me doing 112 push-ups when I can get around to making a video! Show you guys what kind of strength I’m sporting! I’m almost certain that two of these methods are fairly unheard of. In other words, I’m just handing you pure gold. I used these 3 intense push-up variations.

Reverse Hand Position Push-Ups

Get into the push-up position. Now twist your hands around 180 degrees so that your finger tips are pointing the opposite direction. Now pump out a few push-ups. You will find that toward the end of your set it gets much more difficult. The reason is because of the way your hands are positioned. You are continuously fighting against a change in your center of gravity. Your hands want to move your center of gravity which in a normal position is somewhere around your chest. In this position your reverse hand position is trying pull your center down to your midsection. If that happens, you would be lifting a ton more weight. Which leads me to my next intense variation.

Center Gravity Push-Ups

Get into the push-up position once again. Now without moving your feet at all, pull your hands down so they are parallel with your belly button. Now crank out some push-ups. You have just changed your center of gravity and are attempting to lift your entire body rather than just your upper body. Crazy right? This next one is even crazier.

Weighted Vest Push-Ups

I bought a rather heavy duty 40 pound vest several years ago. It had bags of sand in all the slots. I worked at a tire station at the time. If you have ever worked at a tire station, you would know that we save all the lead tire weights. First thing I did was went to work and grabbed a bucket of tire weights. I created a fairly rough mold of the sand bags in my vest. I heated up around 100 pounds of lead in the following several days. I took my shiny new lead weights and slipped them into the slots of the vest. I now had almost 110 pounds in my vest. I attempted to do 10 push-ups. I only made it to 8. Buy a weighted vest, and then you can thank me!

Just for safety purposes I do not recommend you melt down a ton of lead like I did. It can be dangerous, but you can buy very heavy vests without having to make one like I did. I hope you make serious strides in your goal to make the push-up record books! Enjoy!

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