Here are the leg exercises I used to build my legs up to the size of tree trunks. I actually started to get stretch marks on the back of my legs because I was activating muscles I had used very little before. After I finished with the routine, my brother even started to make jokes about how beefy my legs had gotten, and the routine itself even showoff the muscles in my butt! And if I’ve got anything going for me it’s a good butt. So here is my basis for leg day.

Squat with free weights on leg day

Obvious? To the intermediate to advanced lifter, yes, but I have to mention it anyways because it’s so important. Squatting with a machine is not nearly as effective as it does not require your stabilizer muscles to do any work. Free weights are the most effective method for muscle gain. Use it to your advantage.

Squat “ass to the grass”

This is pretty self-explanatory. When you do a squat, BE SURE to squat as low as possible. This activates your hamstrings as well as quads. Box squats are the popular exercises these days, which is really just a glorified half squat. Which brings me to my next point.

Don’t do box squats

Doing box squats are practically just half squats. This method creates a muscle imbalance in the legs. It’s all quads and no hamstring. This makes one prone to injury, and you WILL injure yourself in time if you continue only using box squats.

Proper method of squatting for joint health

Point your toes slightly outward instead of straight ahead. Then drive your knees outward as you squat. Secondly, keep your back as straight up and down as possible as you squat, but not so much that you feel off balance.

Do hamstring focused exercises

Hamstrings are highly neglected by everyone except bodybuilders. The hammy is so important to athleticism, mobility, and proportional strength. Lunges are a good one.

Do deadlift

Deadlift is not a leg exercise. It’s a total body exercise just like squat. When you use these free weights you are exercising your entire body.

LEARN PROPER FORM via Youtube or a personal trainer as these exercises are dangerous if performed incorrectly or without a spotter!

Thanks for reading!

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