In 3 months, I gained 2 inches on my biceps switching to higher volume. Training each and every body part can be difficult. This is because each body part has different demands that create the most conducive environment for growth. Whether that means higher rep ranges, lower reps, heavy weight, light weight, higher volume, you get the idea. Biceps have always been rather difficult for me to grow consistently. This is what I found after years of trying to force some growth.

Biceps need higher volume training!

Higher volume means more sets and more exercises. I want you to tack two extra sets onto each exercise you do for your biceps. Once you get used to higher volume, I want you to try and ramp your bicep routine up to a total of 15 sets. It might look like this.

Week 1

Seated Curls-3 sets

Standing EZ Bar Curls- 3 sets

Hammer Curls- 3 sets

Week 2

Concentration Curls- 4 sets

Cable Curls- 4 sets

Seated Curls- 4 sets

Week 3

Standing Wide Grip Curls- 5 sets

Standing Narrow Grip Curls- 5 sets

Hammer Curls- 5 sets

Week 4

On the fourth week I recommend doing something I call a “Focus Session”. Basically, a Focus Session is a routine that I focus on a really hard contraction on every rep. I do this throughout my routine until my biceps are spent. It might look like this:

*Seated Curls- 2 sets

*Standing Narrow Grip Curls- 2 sets

*Standing Wide Grip Curls- 2 sets

*Note: Squeeze as hard as you can at the top of every curl.

Repeat this monthly routine for 3 months and you WILL see growth. You can have huge biceps, and this will help you get there. You’re welcome.

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