This is a small but golden nugget of info. You probably saw some guy at the gym with this insane center chest that rippled. Well I feel your pain. A developed center chest is a hard thing to achieve, and I for one had to work like crazy to see my effort come to fruition. Lucky for you I know exactly how to make it happen, and I fully intend on telling you everything you need to know to get there… you owe me.

There are a couple exercises that I find very few people use on chest day. Most people just go hit the bench and do some dumbbell flies. Sorry, that’s just not going to cut it. Even cable flies might not get you there. You need to hit your just from a different angle. I found the most effective angle.

Here’s the only exercise you’ll need to grow the center chest:

  1. Dumbbell Pull Overs!

I will admit that dumbbell flies and cable flies will help your center chest to grow, but nothing compares to dumbbell pull overs. If you do them on a decline bench, there will be a focus on your upper center chest. It is a cornerstone in my chest day.

Coupled with your regular chest routine and good form while doing dumbbell pull overs, you will find that this exercise has a serious impact on the musculature of your chest. I shouldn’t have to tell you that a good diet does play a part in muscle growth right? Because it does. Get your protein in too.

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