The calves are one of the most difficult muscles on the body to grow. Unless you have naturally large calves due to awesome genetics (I hate you), you probably have just as much trouble as I do getting your calves to grow. Well, it took a lot of research and experimenting to get my calves to grow, but I found the secret.

Some will say you need to exercise them every day because they are already adapted to being used so much when we walk. Others will say you need to exercise them once a week just like every other muscle to allow time to recover and grow. There are discrepancies on using light weight or heavy weight. Turns out there are a total of 3 elements that force calf growth.

Without any one of these elements you will not make gains:

  1. Use heavy weights (Low Rep) AND light weights (High Rep)
  2. Exercise them twice a week
  3. Exercise them to exhaustion

The best calf exercise to implement is simply a standing calf raise while holding a barbell. If you can do more than 30 repetitions, then you don’t have enough weight on the barbell for your heavy sets.

I used to just stand on a step and do toe ups for 100 reps. Never gained me anything. It takes heavy weight to force growth and light weight to exhaust them. Every Monday and Friday I do my calf work. Make sure you go to failure on each set or you won’t be properly exhausting them.

Thanks for reading guys.

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