So you want to get those coveted Popeye forearms? Let me answer that for you. Yes. Most guys don’t realize how much bigger their arms will look if they just build their forearms up a bit. Most guys just build those glamour muscles (biceps), and think they look awesome. What really looks impressive are a pair of nice beefy forearms that make you look like you’re Popeye’s kid. You need to think about which forearm exercises to use, and you also need to think about the volume of your workouts.

First I recommend you utilize this exercise

Grab an EZ bar at the gym. Don’t put any weight on to begin with just to get a feel for it. Pick up the bar with your palms facing down. Use a fairly close grip. Now keep your elbows at a fixed point and try and flex the belly of your forearms. The belly of your forearms are the bottom half of the muscle. When you flex this should pull the bar up a bit. Do your best to let your hands and wrists relax while performing this exercise. As I said before, this will work the belly of your forearms.

Try reverse grip curls

I only just discovered this one! I love it. It kills my biceps like nothing else. Biceps aside, my forearms were intensely sore the next day. What I like most about this forearm exercise is it focuses on the top portion of the forearm. The top portion of the forearm very rarely gets worked as much as it should. Everyone works the belly of the forearm.

Time to think about how hard to work the forearm

The forearm is a lot like the calf muscle. It gets used everyday. In order to make it grow you need to use a combination of heavy weight with low reps and light weight with high reps. Using heavy weight is just as essential as using light weight.

High Volume

Again I say, the forearm is a lot like the calf muscle. It gets worked everyday, so it’s difficult to make it grow. In order to force this muscle to grow you need to have use high volume. Work the forearms twice a week, and on the days you work it out do five sets total for each forearm exercise listed above. That’s a total of ten sets.

These are fairly strange exercises, but when a buddy of mine showed them to me I gained an inch on my forearms in two months! It works man. Do it. Enjoy.

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