HIIT, high intensity interval training, this is one of the most efficient methods of attaining a higher state of health that there is. There are several ways of implementing interval training into your routine, and the health benefits are many and varied. HGH is the fountain of youth hormone we thank HIIT for. It is released in much higher quantities into our bodies from the intensity of HIIT routines.

Benefits of HIIT:

  1. Muscle growth
  2. Fat loss
  3. Extension of your life
  4. This all affected by the HGH you release when doing high intensity interval training.

The most efficient way of implementing HIIT is to do sprints!

When I say sprints, I mean all out sprinting. Not just a really fast run. You actually have to expend as much of your energy as you can in short bursts. Personally, I sprint for 25-30 seconds, and then I rest for a minute or so. Then I repeat that 6 or 7 times. It will be one of the most difficult training regimes you have ever done, but do not doubt that if you are able to do it 2-3 times a week consistently it won’t take long for you to get into the best shape of your life.

You can’t search HIIT workouts without hearing about Tobata.

Basically, Tobata is 20 seconds of intense training with 10 seconds of rest. Sprint for 20 seconds, and then rest for 10 seconds. Do that 6-7 times. It’s not easy but it is simple and really short. You did a crazy intense workout in about 3 minutes. So now you’ll probably ask, “What makes HIIT any better than a regular workout?” Well I can tell you exactly what makes it better. The answer is… HGH (Human Growth Hormone).

Human Growth Hormone is the fountain of youth hormone in our bodies.

It burns fat, increases muscle growth, and does a whole myriad of awesome things in our body. Strengthens our immune systems, helps recovery, it makes us healthier! Studies show that HIIT releases HGH more than any other exercise.

I read about a study once that showed after doing 8 sets of sprinting, HGH produce was increased by 400%.

Wow. You want to hear something even crazier than that?

During a 24-hour fast HGH produce is increased by 2000%. Yep, you heard me right, 2000%!

That’s over triple the amount of HGH produced by sprinting. So it’s time to get out and sprint, and maybe add a little fasting every now and then.

Hope you find this helps! You can trust me when I say you won’t regret it.

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