You’re probably thinking, why in the world would I ever take cold showers? I can answer that question for you, and you might even take a cold shower or two. See, cold showers have a wide and varied range of health benefits, and practically no one realizes this. It’s a very uncommon practice. Yes, it is very uncomfortable and cold, but hear me out before you write it off. Cold therapy is amazing for so many different reasons!

Stimulates fat loss.

A lot of people that have read up on cold showers believe that the only way fat loss could be achieved through cold showers is because of all the shivering you do during the shower. This, however, is a false assumption. So for all you all-knowing haters out there: you’re wrong. Although shivering does burn a miniscule amount of calories, the real fat burning comes from something called brown fat cells. Brown fat cells are very few in number, and are only located at certain points of the body. The back of the neck is one of these points. What brown fat cells help is high blood sugar levels as well as insulin levels. Brown fat cells are mainly located around the back of the neck and around the collarbone.

Improves muscle recovery.

I do not recommend taking a cold shower immediately after a grueling workout, but the day after would be perfect for your sore muscles. The reason I say this is because, your muscles do need heat at times, but when it comes to recovery cold is the way to go. When your sore muscles hit that cold water, blood is pulled from within to the outside of your body. The reason your blood is moving outward is to protect your body from the cold. If you step out of the cold shower you can even see that your skin is much darker from the blood beneath. The benefit of this is your muscles immediately get a rush of nutrients from all the activity in blood circulation.

Improves immunity.

A few studies on this kind of therapy show that cold showers increase white blood cell activity. These are the virus-fighting cells. This happens because of a defense mechanism in the body. Your body believes it may be in danger from the cold. So it responds. Cool huh?

Improves sleep.

Since beginning cold showers, I find that sleep comes easily and readily. I tend to think that when your body gets that much cold exposure it just saps your energy, but I honestly don’t know why it helps. I’ve also read that sleep is improved after taking cold showers.

I hope you start taking many cold showers, because the benefits are many and varied. Have a nice shower.


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