Get to sleep faster, improve the quality of your sleep, reach REM stages, and rejuvenate your body fast. Many of us have trouble sleeping, and more of us don’t get the quality sleep we need. You might not even realize that your sleep is lacking in quality. Sometimes you don’t know that you don’t sleep well until you actually have a good night of sleep. These are some things to consider if you want to feel more rested and more energetic. Improve sleep tonight with some of these methods.

Melatonin herbal mix

There are many melatonin products out there that claim they give you a better night of rest. I highly recommend researching the products before you go out and buy one. I think you can trust the products from a health food store. Stores like Akin’s health food store has quality sleep aids, and they’re all natural. They are not drugs. I recently bought something called Z-Build. AND I LOVE IT. Raises testosterone, improves quality of sleep, etc. etc… but yes, I sleep so much better.

Cut off the caffeine

Around noon I stop drinking caffeine altogether. No coffee, no pop, no tea. Don’t have anything but water and other decaf drinks. They say caffeine will affect you well into the day even by just having a few cups of coffee in the morning. Do your utmost to forgo any coffee past noon.


This one can be difficult for many people, but if you have a sedentary job where all you do is sit all day, it can be difficult to get to sleep at night. Even if it’s just a walk or some push ups throughout the day. Just do something to tire you out by the end of the day. If you can get into the gym and get a full workout in, that would be ideal! Or go take a jog would be excellent as well.

Go to bed at or before 10:00pm

Going to bed at 10:00pm is ideal for the perfect night of sleep. It’s not too late, but it’s not too early either. So eat your dinner, brush your teeth, watch a little tv, and do whatever you like in the evenings, but get to bed by 10:00pm!

Are you entering the deep REM stages?

You may need to consider that you aren’t getting enough oxygen in the night. Sometimes people take shallow breaths when they sleep. Lack of oxygen when sleeping affects a few things. For one, your brain will continue getting woken up when there isn’t enough oxygen for it to enter the deep REM levels. You might not wake up, but your brain is still waking up. If you think you wake up once or twice a night, you should highly consider taking a sleep study.

I hope this helps improve your sleep. After using these methods my energy levels soared. Let me know if they help you too!

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