Water weight covers up all the definition in all of your muscles. You want to have as many possible muscle fibers showing right? Water also fills in all the details in your abs. Bodybuilders often use these methods before competition. Even you’re not in competition you can use these techniques to shave off a few inches on your waist. Implement these 5 ways to cut water weight, and you can watch your waist shrink.

Cut Sodium

Sodium withholds water! The more sodium in your system the more water your body is going to withhold. Salt, salty foods, any sort of processed food, and always look at the nutrition facts on the back of products to see what the sodium content is. Stop pouring salt all over your food. At the very least, use salt substitute instead.

Drink More Water

You would think that drinking more water would ADD more water weight right? Wrong. Drinking more water tells the body that you have an abundance of water. So it will let go of the water you are retaining much more easily. Drink anywhere from a gallon to two gallons of water a day.

Sweat It Out

Throw on some sweats, a sweatshirt, and a plastic trash bag and go for a run. Take a couple nice hot baths every day. Sit in the sauna for a little while and get your sweat on! This is essential to losing water weight. I find that walking on a treadmill at 15% incline for 45 minutes makes the sweat pour off me.

Watch Out For Certain Supplements

Creatine’s main purpose is to withhold water in the muscles so as to keep nutrients readily available. This is great for muscle building, but while trying to cut water, creatine will only hinder you. Stop taking creatine while trying to cut water weight.

Don’t Get Dehydrated

This may sound a little contradictory, but becoming dehydrated will absolutely hinder your ability to cut water weight. When you get dehydrated the body realizes it needs to hold onto all the water in your system possible. You will retain more water in your muscles if you become dehydrated. If you’re trying to cut water weight for photos or competition, you may cut back on water intake the day before.

Plastic Body Wrap

This method is fairly controversial, but the bottom line is, it reduces inches off your waist in hours, literally. I’ve used this method myself with excellent results. Grab your favorite type of lotion; buy some bentonite clay on Amazon. Grab some tin foil or clear plastic wrap. Mix a few tablespoons of lotion with a few tablespoons of bentonite clay and rub it all over the areas you want to lose water weight like the stomach for example. Bentonite clay has a lot of pulling action, that’s why it’s ideal in this situation. Then wrap the tin foil or plastic wrap over and around the applied areas. Then put a sweatshirt on and sit down for a few hours, even better would be to take a nap. During these few hours the bentonite clay will literally pull water from your stomach leaving it an inch or two slimmer.

Gentle Diuretics

Coffee, dandelion root tea, hot water. Take these gentle diuretics to shed more water weight. Might just love a few pounds of waste from your bowels too!

Hope you enjoyed reading. These methods work for me, and I hope they work for you too!

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