I’m assuming that if you’re reading this you intend on starting a health cleanse or detoxification. Personally I enjoy doing a health cleanse by doing a 48 hour fast followed by drinking loose-leaf green tea for another 48 hours. Well there are a lot of elements about cleansing that a lot of people would never have guessed, and I can tell you what some of those things are and what you can expect.

1. Sluggishness!! BUT not for the reason you may think…

On the second and third day of almost all of my cleansings I feel achy and sluggish. My mom is the real health nut, and what she told me surprised me to no end. The reason you feel that terrible achiness in the middle of your detox is because your body is purging toxins from your body! Toxins are entering your blood stream, your digestive system, and are even being purged from your pores. Crazy right?

2. You will experience positive effects too!

I found after the third day of fasting that my sense of smell had improved dramatically, and also my sinuses had cleared like never before. That’s coming from a guy with terrible allergies. I also found that after a few days of cleansing I woke up with a huge boost of energy.

3. Cleansing is a great way to jump start fat loss.

If you’re thinking about starting a diet, I highly recommend doing a detox prior to your diet. Doing a detox before starting a diet allows your liver and digestive system a rest. So when you start dieting your body will work with you, and not against you in your goal to lose fat.

4. Cleansing will help you lose fat healthfully and naturally.

Guess where a huge amount of toxicity resides in your body. You guessed it! Fat cells. Now guess what happens when you start eliminating those toxins. Right again! All the fat that those toxins were holding onto is now usable for energy. Fat loss at its finest.

5. Don’t think you can just jump right back into eating junk!

Your body is not ready to go right back to all that abrasive junk food. So be smart about it, and ease into it. Take it one small fairly healthy meal at a time.

My most highly recommended cleanses:

  • Fasting. Fasting alone is a cleanse all its own.
  • Organic tea cleanse. This one can be wide and varied. I like dandelion root tea with cinnamon. If you’re looking for a reduction in inflammation use a turmeric tea! There’s an infinite number of organic herbal teas out there.
  • Epsom, grapefruit, and olive oil cleanse. I have seen fantastic results firsthand using this cleanse. My gallbladder and kidney purged like 30 stones. It’s crazy.
  • Juice fast. BUT NOT JUST FRUIT! You need to be careful about too much fruit as it can cause pancreatic cancer. Toss your greens and veggies into your juices.
  • Diatomaceous earth. This is a powerful cleansing agent. BUT — USE CAUTION. I took a heaping tablespoon every day and I broke out in acne across my back. You MUST introduce it very slowly. Start with a single teaspoon every other day.

I hope you have a successful cleanse, and achieve a new level of health!


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