Whether your goal to get crazy fit, save up a bunch money to start a business, or make it onto the PGA Tour, I have used these methods for every goal I have ever come across. It’s all about achieving a new standard of success, am I right? Ask yourself this question: What am I willing to do to achieve success? If your answer is: anything, then you’re on the right track to staying motivated about your goals. This is what I do every day to keep making progress.

Motivational speeches.

Have an iTunes account? Go to it, and search motivational speeches. These get me so jacked up, all I want to do is go hit the gym hard. There are actually quite a few so go ahead and be picky about which ones you buy. This is number one on my list for a reason. I love motivational speeches.

Write down your oath to live at a higher standard of living.

Make a promise on paper. This is a promise to God, to yourself, and to the people you live for. Write down exactly what you’re going to do to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Then, what I want you to do is tape it to the dash of your car so you can see it every day. Read the promise every time you get in the car.

Have another person that shares your goals.

Find a buddy that wants to get exactly what you want out of life. This is a great tool for motivating yourself. All of my friends are lifters. Surround yourself with people that have a drive because they will be your greatest support.

If you can, get your parents behind you.

This won’t work for everybody. My dad is an awesome guy. He’s achieved so much in life. He was an Alaskan hunting guide, he was a taxidermist, he built a huge log home by himself (the log home took two years and a ton of debt). But after all that he went through I think he doesn’t want to have to watch me live through money problems my whole life. So he hardly ever backs me up on my ideas, but mom on the other hand is a different story. Seriously, if you can get one or both of your parents behind you, you have got a serious opportunity to make all your goals happen.

Last, but not least, get a crappy job.

Nothing is more motivation to be successful than a crappy job. You’ll make a little money doing it, and it will fuel your drive to make your goals happen. It’s simple. Just do it. There will be people that will want you to only go half as hard as you want to go, but sometimes you have to jump in with both feet or it just won’t happen.

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