This is for all those aspiring bodybuilders out there who don’t know a thing about supplements. Or maybe you just want to gain a little muscle, and you want to maximize your gains by utilizing some decent supplements. I can tell you that I’ve tried a wide and varied range, so I know a thing or two. Here is some of the most effective muscle building supplements in the industry.

Steroids/ Pro Hormones

I highly recommend these. They’re awesome… Just kidding! I wanted to tell any unknowing consumer out there that these are a waste of money. Yes they work. Yes you will make huge gains, and you will probably even keep them, but I know first hand that they will mess your body up. I used a pro hormone in high school. It stunted my growth by a possible 2-3 inches. Pro hormones close your growth plates making it impossible to continue growing. I can’t imagine how much worse the effects of steroids would be.


This one is obvious, but it deserves a majority of the attention. Bottom line is without protein you won’t gain muscle. Even worse, a lot of our diets have very little protein in them. Some bacon for breakfast and a steak for dinner just aren’t enough guys. You must supplement with protein. I recommend getting a calorie packed mass gainer as well to boost gains just a bit more.

Most highly recommended type of protein is pure whey. Stay away from soy products people. Soy has detrimental effects to your health.


After protein, this supplement makes a huge impact on your muscle building. Basically what creatine does is it pushes water into the fibers of your muscles. This makes nutrients readily available. Creatine boosts recovery, increases effectiveness of your workouts, and helps weight gain overall.

How to load creatine:

  1. For 5 days, take one teaspoon 5 times a day. NOT TABLESPOON. — USE THE TEASPOON.
  2. Switch to a maintenance schedule after 5 days of loading. (One teaspoon a day.)
  3. I find it’s best taken with cranberry or grape juice.

Vitamin D

Most of everyone is vitamin D deficient. We don’t get enough sun, and even for those that work outside. We have to supplement with vitamin D, and also, vitamin D is a great supplement for muscle gain. Studies show that those who supplement with vitamin D gain a substantial amount of lean muscle even without exercise. Fat loss is just an added benefit to using vitamin D. Recommended amount of vitamin D is usually 1000IUs. I recommend 5000IUs on a daily basis. Anything less is too little, and anything more is too much.

Multi Vitamin

Multi vitamins cover several bases all at once, that’s why it’s important to take a multi. You could even get a multi that focuses on muscle gain. This will help maximize results, and keep your system saturated with nutrients allowing your body to make full recoveries when needed.

Bone Broth

Supplement no. Yes, you can find it in pill form, BUT it’s not as beneficial. Bone broth is overflowing with good collagen and minerals. I highly recommend it to keep your joints healthy. Keep your chicken bones or go buy cow tail bones at Walmart. Here’s a good recipe for bone broth.


  • Protein (Whey)
  • Creatine
  • Vitamin D (5000 IUs daily)
  • Multi Vitamin
  • Homemade bone broth

I hope you found this instructive and enjoyable! Happy lifting.

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