I gained 2 inches on my arms in a month with this method. Every guy wants to have arms that make other men cry. I have spent hours on the Internet searching for all the elusive methods and techniques that claim to add inches and pounds to your body in all the right places. I’m glad to tell you that I found an awesome and nearly unheard of technique of putting 2 inches on your arms. Take a moment to read through this, and I’ll tell you exactly what to do.

First, I hope you have been doing arm workouts lately because I cannot recommend you implement this technique without being in decent shape. At the very least make sure that you stretch and warm up your muscles thoroughly before beginning.

On the first day of week 1 I want you to first measure your arms. Measure them with a muscle measuring tape. The reason I want you to do this is because you will love to see the difference by the end of 30 days. This is going to sound crazy, I know, but you have to trust me. Once you have your arms measured AND the measurements recorded, I want you to do a single workout, and then take a full week off. No working out your arms AT ALL for a week. Trust me. Trust me. You won’t regret it. The single and only arm workout I want you to do for week 1 is 5 hours long.

Week 1 arms routine: Do this on Day 1.

 5 Rounds of:

·      Barbell bicep curls; superset with overhead dumbbell tricep extensions- 3 sets; 8 reps of each.

·      Seated dumbbell curls; superset with deep tricep dips- 2 sets; 12 reps each.

·      Super slow barbell curls; superset with super slow overhead tricep extensions- 2 sets; 10 reps each.

If you do this entire workout all the way through with 90 second rests in between sets, it should take you about an hour. Do this workout every hour, on the hour, for FIVE HOURS STRAIGHT. MAKE SURE you are hydrated throughout the 5 hours, and also MAKE SURE you are taking some sort of protein or drink full of BCAAs throughout this workout. Then take a full week off of this bicep and tricep routine.

Week 2 and 3: I want you to workout your arms 3 times in each of these weeks. I want you to take it easier though.

·      Barbell bicep curls- 3 sets of 12

·      Overhead dumbbell tricep extensions- 3 sets of 15

Week 4: Let your arms rest and recover, and on Day 30 do the 5-hour arm workout AGAIN! It hurts so good.

Proceed to measure your arms again. You’re welcome. You’ll thank me. You’ll see. You probably haven’t encountered a workout like this before. Enjoy!

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